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In What I Was Doing And Many Times When I Felt Very Low And Felt Like Giving Up, He Spurred Me On.He Looked At It Every Time He Went Online And Looked Forward To Seeing New Things I Added. He Was Proud Of Me And Wouldn't Let Me Give Up On It. He Was The Only Person I know Who Was Interested In It. When Brian Died Nothing Seemed
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Here you will find books
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poisoning and related
subjects. I hope you
find them helpful:

It's All In Your Head
Hal A. Huggins



Uninformed Consent
Hal A. Huggins



The Toxic Time Bomb
Sam Ziff



The Poison In
Your Teeth
Tim McGuire



Amalgam Illness
Andrew Hall Cutler


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 MERCURY Is The MOST TOXIC Substance Known To Man...And It Is Most Likely In YOUR MOUTH!!





Hi,  to my Website. My name is Lyn Rennick, I am ** years old....ok...I'll admit it...I was 56 years old on 29th May 2008...right that over with, now I can proceed. I live in London with my husband who I have been married to for 30 years. We celebrated our Pearl wedding anniversary in June. Although I had many health problems throughout my life, I was not prepared for what happened to me in December 1996. I went to the dentist, a fairly normal and ordinary thing to do, but that was the start of a living nightmare for me. A nightmare that I was to share with thousands of other people ar ound the world. Something which I knew nothing about at the time.

We take our health for granted but we also put our trust in people who are there to help us with problems concerning our bodies. If we feel ill we go to the doctor and have medicines prescribed for us. If we find we can no longer see to read, we visit an optician and obtain glasses or contact lenses and if we have a toothache we go to the dentist and have that tooth filled. We do not question our doctors, opticians or dentists. We put our trust in their hands. What we don't know is, BY LAW, OUR DENTISTS ARE ALLOWED TO POISON US!

Did you know that every time we visit a dentist to have a tooth filled he/she is allowed to put a highly toxic substance into our mouths, where it stays and slowly poisons us, causing our immune systems to fail? Each time you have an AMALGAM dental filling, your dentist is putting MERCURY into your mouth. MERCURY IS THE SECOND MOST TOXIC SUBSTANCE KNOWN TO MAN! And it is LEGAL for him to do this, WITHOUT ASKING OUR PERMISSION FIRST!

I went to the dentist on 13th December 1996 and there began only what I can describe as a living nightmare. The same thing could happen to you. It may already have started. Have you unexplained health problems? Symptoms your doctor cannot put a name to. The answer could be in your mouth!!!!

I hope you find this site useful and that you enjoy reading the more light-hearted pages.



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Having an Amalgam filling placed in a tooth is like having
a time bomb in your mouth waiting to go off!!!




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May God help all those
 in London who suffered
on that terrible day
 and look after those
who have now  entered
his garden in Heaven 





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The information on this website is provided for educational and information purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents herein; instead, readers should consult appropriate health professionals.
If you think you may be suffering from amalgam mercury poisoning PLEASE seek profession help and do not try to 'cut corners' by not going to the correct type of dentist, by not chelating and by not following your practitioner's advice completely.

The information on this website is based upon the experiences of the owner and other sufferers who have told freely of their own experiences. All information is believed to be accurate.  Lyn Rennick's AMPS Society cannot be held responsible or liable for anything untoward happening if the reader does not follow any instructions to the letter.