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Dr. Hal A. Huggins must be the most famous and controversial mercury-free dentist. He is the 'daddy' of mercury-free dentistry and one of the most knowledgeable dentists in the world. He has written a number of books on the subject of amalgam poisoning and are well worth reading.



Uninformed Consent


It's All In Your Head by Hal
are both well worth reading & can be purchased at











  (UK Dental warning for pregnant women)

www.mercurypoisoned.com - Marie Flowers' Website          








www.noamalgam.com - Andrew Cutler's site







www.fulcrumhealth.co.uk  - Fulcrumhealth now sell Humet-R online

Dr.Hesham el-essawy  -  Very competent and knowledgeable Harley Street,mercury-free dentist with very reasonable prices. Worth travelling to.

www.stephenmacallan.co.uk  - Acupuncture, Herbalism, Kosmed, Vega Testing & BioEnergetic Medicine. Works closely with Hesham El-Essawy regarding mercury poisoning.

Both Hesham El-essawy and Stephen Macallan are both ex-amalgam mercury poisoning sufferers so know what you are going through first-hand.





Jean Shaw has an interest in amalgam poisoning as both she and her son Jodi have suffered from its affects. Jodi was born a healthy baby but laterbecame autistic.

Jean has written two books "I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey" & "Autism, Amalgam & Me - Jodi's Journey Continues". They are excellent books. Although autism is a very serious subject Jean has put humour into her books. I fell about laughing whilst reading "I'm Not Naughty.." The book is written through Jodi's eyes, although it was Jean who wrote it. It's easy to read and tells what autism is and how a family deals with a child with autism. It's not heavy reading, which youwould think a book on autism would be and was a delight to read.


Both books can be purchased on Jean's Website.


Jean has a second website, please take a look:








Correspond with other mercury poisoning sufferers by joining newsgroups. You can visit the website to read postings or have them sent to you via email.

Discuss mutual health issues regarding amalgam, read how other sufferers are chelating, how it's helping them, what side affects they are experiencing, etc., etc., It's nice, and comforting, to be in touch with people who are in the same boat as yourself.


All you need is a Yahoo! email address to join one or more of the many groups. There are a number of groups in respect of amalgam mercury poisoning and teeth in general.


Mercury Poisoning

Support group for amalgam mercury poisoning sufferers.


Talk International's Group

A list where the dangers associated with dental fillings, root canals, cavitations and other dental procedures are discussed.

Amalgam Illness

First-hand information about how mercury is affecting millions of unsuspecting people a round the world and how many are recovering from illnesses they have been told are no treatable.



THE WAR AGAINST MERCURY DENTAL AMALGAM & OTHER HEAVY METALS. This is broadcast list for supporters of CFMR - Citizens for Mercury Relief and those wishing to learn more about the dangers of "Silver Dental Fillings" and what is being done.

Subscribers to this list will receive our weekly "MERCURY NEWS" as well as "NEWS & PRESS RELEASES" relative to the activities of CFMR, including the Class Action Lawsuit currently before the courts in Canada against Health Canada and the manufacturers of Dental Amalgam. This is a broadcast list only and has been established to make easier the management of subscriptions.


A Dental Mercury Amalgam

Amalgam discussion group


Amalgam Testimonials

Read true stories about people who were mercury poisoned and how they recovered.


Dental Amalgam Class Action

Health Care literature warns of the toxicity of mercury amalgam, tens of thousands of cases are reported, some countries have banned the product, yet the official ADA count is still only 100 worldwide! Victims of this illness have been slowly poisoned while the Health Care professions and government do nothing! We must make our voices heard to obtain legal representation. All members are urged to invite other victims, ask at your local health store or clinic. United we can be counted! Isolated we will only be ignored, laughed at, and victimized by ignorant though well-meaning health care professionals. HELP US GROW!

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Here is the link to the amalgam listserv group. All postings will be sent to you via email.



Mercury Exposure Website







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