If you find that you are suffering from Mercury Poisoning from your fillings, your first step is to have those fillings removed. You CANNOT have that done by an "ordinary" dentist. You will have to go to a dentist who practices Mercury Free Dentistry. The fillings have to be removed with specialised equipment, which includes breathing apparatus so that you do not breathe in the vapours when the fillings are removed. A rubber dam has to be placed over the mouth to isolate the tooth being worked on so that you do not swallow any pieces of the filling. There is a protocol to follow, the fillings have to be checked to see which one is leaking the most and they must be removed in the correct order. YOU MUST NOT ALLOW AN ORDINARY DENTIST TO REMOVE YOUR AMALGAM FILLINGS.....YOU WILL FIND THAT YOUR SYMPTOMS WILL BE FAR WORSE IF YOU DO.

When your fillings have been removed that is not the end. Although you have had the source of the Mercury removed your body is still full of it and Mercury cannot be extracted from the body without help. You have to start a course of Chelation therapy.




Chelation (pronounced key-lay-shun) is a chemical reaction that results in a bond being formed between a metal ion and an organ (ie. carbon-based made mostly of carbon) molecule. The resulting complex, metal bound to melecule, is called a "chelate" and contains one or more rings of atoms in which the metal ion is so firmly bound it cannot escape.  This allows the metal ion to be transported in the same manner as a prisoner, first handcuffed, then moved from one location to another.



Chelation therapy can be in many forms. One of these is a mineral supplement, Humet-R which you take on a daily basis and it helps to flush out of your system all the Mercury that has attached itself to your tissues and organs. It is a slow process and it depends upon how long you have been ill as to how long it will take for you to recover your health completely.

is also a chelating agent. Fresh vegetables are packed with other natural and effective chelating agents. A C-flush using Vitamin C is used to create diarrhoea, which flushes the intestinal tract, ridding if of Mercury. After cleansing of the bowel, an environment is created which will improve digestion.  If the diarrhoea is too heavy, then taking activated charcoal usually stops it fairly quickly. Four grams of Vitamin C powder dissolved in two ounces of fruit juice is taken every 20 minutes until diarrhoea occurs. It usually lasts about 7 hours, so weekends are better! Water is drunk during this time to avoid dehydration, and when finished, you take a bacteria  replacement supplement with each meal for 2 weeks. A C-flush is usually done once a week for 3 weeks, then there is a break for 3 weeks before it is done one more time.


produced from exercise, is an excellent chelating agent. It is the metabolic by-product of sustained, vigorous muscle contraction.  To get this chelating agent, you must exercise regularly. Exercise also increases your body's ability to reduce, and thus, neutralise, free radicals, which are at the heart of degenerative diseases.


 A common chelator for Mercury is 2,3 dimercapto - 1- propane-sulfonic acid or DMPS for short. Two to four treatments with DMPS, lasting a few minutes each, will usually do the job.

Another form of chelation is Intravenous chelation. The agent used is Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic Acid, also known as "EDTA," sold commercially as Sodium Edetate.

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid.  The usual dose is 2000-3000mg. (adjusted to body weight, age, and kidney function) added to 500 ml of "carrier solution" sterile water with a mixture of vitamins and minerals. Most chelation therapists add Vitamin C along with B Vitamins, bicarbonate and magnesium.

The solution is infused slowly, one drop per second, and one treatment requires about three hours. The Mercury is moved out of the body using the EDTA The half life of EDTA in the body is one hour, ie., one-half is removed, (filtered into the urine) after one hour, another half of what is left is removed after one more hour, etc. Within 24 hours 99% of the EDTA is gone from the body and you are left with only the therapeutic benefit.



Safe removal of amalgams can only be done by a dentist who knows the proper protocol to follow and who has the specialised equipment to do the work.

If the protocol is followed properly the amount of Mercury released into the body during Amalgam removal is reduced. The protocol should include:


    Placing a rubber dam around the tooth to isolate it from the body
     Providing an alternative source of air to the patient
    Placing a saliva ejector under the dam to remove mercury vapour
    that penetrates the latex
    Using high volume evacuation with isolate attachment
    Sectioning amalgams and removing them  in as large pieces as possible
    Removing and properly disposing of rubber dam and mercury after
    amalgam removal

    Removing no more than two amalgams per appointment
     Timing amalgam removal appointments at least one month apart







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