Dr. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, is a leading pioneer in identifying toxic dental materials, balancing body chemistry and developing a multi-disciplined approach for reversing autoimmune diseases.

Hal received his DDS from the University of Nebraska and earned a post-doctoral Master's in immunology and toxicology from the University of Colorado. Controversial in his stand against deception in dental regulations and practices he has been on the cutting edge of dentistry from the beginning of his practice. At one point he was the apple of the American Dental Association's eye and was a speaker at many of the major dental conventions, but his vigorous stand against Mercury Amalgam fillings, which are patented and owned by the American Dental Association, finally resulted in his losing his dental license in 1996 for refusing to use or recommend the use of Amalgams or to recommend root canal fillings.

Over the past 3 decades Dr. Huggins developed a multidiscipline health care model that has been influential in improving autoimmune diseases such as MS, Lupus, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's disease. Other symptoms such as chronic fatigue, memory and digestive problems have also responded. Dr. Huggins has written two best selling books, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD and UNINFORMED CONSENT. He has lectured over 1,400 days in 46 states in the USA and 13 foreign countries and has been interviewed over 1,000 times on TV/radio. He is currently a consultant in three countries inn multi-disciplined centres that practice the HUGGINS PROTOCOL. His practice is in Colorado Springs, USA.


Here is the protocol Dr. Huggins uses:

Become educated on the topic of dental toxicity. Read Dr. Huggins' books, It’s All in Your Head, or Uniformed Consent (available for order in the Resources section of hugnet.com), or one of the many other books on the subject now appearing in the bookstores.


After you are familiar with the protocol, interview a dentist and other therapists to see if you can assemble an adequate team to do the treatment that you have selected.


In the dental office, expect a dental examination that includes hard (teeth) and soft (gums and neck areas) tissue evaluations. X-rays will be taken to locate decayed teeth, defective fillings, missing teeth, cavitations, root canal or dead teeth. Models of your teeth may be taken at this time for an evaluation of your “bite”, and to be used by the laboratory to fabricate replacements for any missing teeth that might be removed during these procedures.


He/she will also take electrical readings on your fillings and crowns in order to determine the sequential order in which the restorations should be replaced.

Your case practitioner can write prescriptions for blood drawing for the following items:

Blood serum for the chemistry analysis from which your intake of carbohydrate, fat and protein can be determined. In other words, a scientific basis for your individual diet.

The CBC, or complete blood count. This shows the red and white blood cells that are generally altered by the presence of mercury and root canals. From these tests information on how your immune system is functioning can be gleaned, and how removal of dental interference can re-ignite proper immune function.

Serum is also drawn to be sent to a special laboratory for what is called the “compatibility” test. This shows which dental materials interfere with your specific immune function, and which ones can more safely be used in your mouth (more immune compatible with your immune system).


A sample of your hair from the nape of the neck will be taken (probably best by your barber or beautician) to be sent to another special laboratory for analysis of minerals. Some minerals, like lead, mercury and cadmium, are toxic. Others, like sodium, potassium and calcium are compared to blood tests for the same mineral in order to be able to interpret the real condition of your body in this area. There is a direct relationship between blood and hair analysis – which shows us that high levels are not necessarily indicative of high tissue levels, and the same for low levels. These results may be totally the opposite from conventional wisdom in people with cellular transport problems caused by dental toxins.

Plan your treatment jointly with the dentist, physician, IV personnel, acupressurist, nutritionist, detoxification doctor and other health professionals so that the timing of events complement each other, and do not interfere with final results.

Set your appointment schedule in accordance with the 7-14-21 day immune cycles. If this is violated, it is too easy to create an autoimmune disease you might otherwise have never had. Be sure to allow 48 hours in between appointments as well. Be sure to get all of the “removal” appointments (amalgam, nickel crowns and root canals) accomplished within a 30-day period or less if at all possible.


If you are using Intravenous Conscious Sedation, (this is where the patient is not "put out" completely but is able to respond to a physical and/or verbal command), then there is generally only one removal appointment, and it can be 6 or 8 hours long without a problem. Since IV sedation gives a time compression and amnesia, you won't really care how long you have been there. Placement of new crowns and partials can be done at any time without regard to the immune cycles.


Sequential removal of the fillings requires that the quadrant containing the highest negative current filling be removed first. Then the quadrant with the next highest electrical charge is next. All procedures involving filling replacement, crown replacement, tooth extraction and cleaning cavitations without conscious sedation can generally be accomplished within the 2 hour to 2 hour 15 minute window you have for accomplishing this task before damaging the immune system.


Even if the procedures are quite short – like 15 minutes – never, never cross the midline during the same appointment. The midline is an imaginary line dividing the head into two halves at a point between the front teeth and between the eyes. Unless, of course, you are utilizing IV conscious sedation. Then you can do things upside down and backwards with no effect on the immune system.


Start your nutritional program based on your blood chemistry interpretations as soon as is feasible in the program. The amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat intake are suggested with the first blood test, and a more refined diet can be determined with follow-up blood tests to check for individual overdoses, under doses or being right on target.


Supplements may be started prior to the dental procedures when possible. TransMix with Calcium is generally given the day before, the day of, and the day after surgical procedures. Needs for calcium are specific, and most patients suffer from an overdose of the improper form of calcium. Care must be exercised when prescribing calcium. Most of the rest of the necessary supplementation is based on your chemistries (not blood type) and is individual. Modifications in dose are based on follow-up chemistries.


Do not take Vitamin C the day of dental procedures. Vitamin C by mouth will shorten the effect of the dental anaesthetic to literally around 10 minutes – after that, it is painsville. The IV form of Vitamin C does not do this for reasons unknown, but even 500 milligrams in the tablet form will detoxify the anaesthetic adequately to let you feel the pain of drilling or surgery.


Observe the Patient Protection Protocol as closely as is possible during removal procedures. Please realize that many dentists do not have all the safety equipment described, so see how much you can live with, and without. Complete protection includes the use of the rubber dam during amalgam removal; the use of copious amounts of water with high suction while amalgams and nickel crowns are being cut with the high speed drill; placement of dental materials that have been proved to be biocompatible with you; presence of negative ion generators to remove the massive amount of mercury vapour within the dental office; IV Vitamin C during the removal procedures – especially if surgery for root canals or cavitations is performed; administration of one capsule of an anaerobic fighting antibiotic one hour before surgery (that is all that is required), the use of protamine zinc insulin if possible after the procedures.


If surgery is done during this procedure, be sure to select from the use of ice packs immediately after the procedures are finished, the use of magnets if desired, and dispensing of adequate pain pills. Please avoid codeine when possible, for it makes many people nauseated, and is constipating for the majority of people. Minimal travel after surgery is advisable (like one or 2 miles) for the vibration in a car can release the blood clot resulting in the famous painful “dry socket”. Smoking after surgery will almost guarantee the formation of a painful dry socket. Be forewarned.


Be absolutely certain that your IV during the dental procedures contains NO Vitamin B-12. B-12 in any form is a methylator, and methyl mercury is extremely damaging to your nervous system.


Acupressure immediately after dental appointments is helpful to all patients, and especially those with neurological problems. With all the electrical currents beaming into the brain for many years (at a current 1000 times greater than the brain operates on) the brain tries to accommodate, then upon removal of this current, the brain tries to uncompensate and recoup. The result can be a pretty uncomfortable feeling for about a week. It can be accomplished while the IV is still running. This is not a problem.


Massage is a good way to stimulate lymphatic drainage, and is in particular helpful in patients with white blood cell or serum calcium problems. It can be applied a few days before the dental removal sessions, and a few days afterwards.


After dental removal procedures are completed, be sure that the patient maintains a high protein diet. If surgery was done, best use a blender for a few days to avoid damage to fresh surgical sites.


Be sure that the C-flush procedures are followed. Many people achieve a new level of health after basic dental revision procedures, but do not feel that they have all the health and energy they would like. When they remember the C-flush and actually do it, they immediately feel much better. Remember, eating the right foods is only part of the treatment. You have to digest, absorb and assimilate the breakdown products of foods before you body can really build a new you. It takes a renewed gut to do that.


Select the detoxification procedures that are available and acceptable to you. Be careful to find the balance between adequate and overdoing. Two to three procedures per week is adequate for most people, and six to seven per week is overdoing it for almost anyone. Be kind to you. The biggest single problem post dental revision is too much detoxification too fast. Be real careful here. This goes for detoxification medications as well as saunas, etc. Get educated. Read the book on detoxification and take heed.


See to it that your follow-up blood tests and interpretations are scheduled. It is easy to slip back into the habits that created your original problem, so all of us need the handholding to maintain improved health.


A really important part of going through this program is that you have a competent caregiver. Especially during dental procedures, the brain is undergoing a new form of electrical and chemical stimulation, and it can easily become confused. Even menial tasks like selecting which clothes to wear, which foods to eat, preparing the foods, cleaning up the kitchen afterward, what time are the appointments, are stresses to a patient undergoing dental revision that are not ordinarily considered stressors. Having someone appointed as designated decision maker will enhance healing and reduce stress on your immune system. Pull off your ego hat, and let someone else help you at this time.





Dr. Hal Huggins has written many books about amalgam mercury poisoning
plus some on other dental/medical issues. I have read some of them myself
 and they are well worth reading.


It's All In Your Head by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS

Uninformed Consent by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS., and
                                   Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Solving The MS Mystery by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS

Who Makes Your Hormones HUM??? by Hal A. Huggins DD, MS

Your Goose Isn’t Cooked - Yet! by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS
A cookbook designed to help you balance your own body chemistry
 and have fun in the kitchen. Foods that are not appropriate for
 healthy chemistry are not found here.


There are also some DVDs available made by Dr. Huggins:



60 Minutes - Australia - Mouthful of Trouble
Filmed by Australian franchise of '60 Minutes'.

Chronic Diseases From the Poisons In Your Mouth
110 minutes. Expose on mercury.

Coors Study: A Landmark in Dental Research
This shows Actual footage of the participants in the results of a study
of 30 volunteer patients. Sponsored by the Adolph Coors Foundation.

Fatigue Story
Dental materials are part of the story by the way they affect your haemoglobin's ability to carry oxygen. Your thyroid can be affected
within 4 minutes of placing an amalgam according to radioactive
mercury studies. Can this problem be reversed?

Hidden Danger
The truth about basic mercury issues complete with interviews with physicians, dentists, and patients. A good tape for those interested in
finding out just what mercury can do in a short period of time.

Informed Consent
This video explains amalgams, crowns, bridges, root canals, cavitations, partial dentures, surgery- so that you can get a better concept of what the dentist is talking about.

Protocol for Amalgam Removal & Dental Revision

the procedures developed by Dr. Huggins over 33 years that
have been found to be most effective in reversing toxicity from dental materials.



All books and DVDs can be purchased from: http://www.pragmaticsw.com/drhuggins/Products.asp#Books





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