Not many people are aware that plastic bottles which they buy their drinking water in are, in fact, dangerous to our health. The bottles come in many different plastic forms, many which leach toxic chemicals into the water, or, if they are safe plastic, they are still not safe from being poisoned as most drinking water which is bought has fluoride in it although it doesn't always state this as there is no law which says this has to be on the label.

To ensure you are not drinking toxic water you should always familiarise yourself with the safety numbers which are on the plastic bottles, usually stamped on the bottom of the bottles, as in the graphic shown below.

The numbers range from 1 to 7. Here is a breakdown of the numbers and their safety:



            No. 1  =  PET        -   Polyethlyene Terephthalate
            No. 2  =  HDPE     -   High-Density Polyethylene

            No. 3  =  PVC       -   Polyvinyl Chloride
            No. 4  =  LDPE     -   Low-Density Polyethylene
            No. 5  =  PP          -   Polypropylene
            No. 6  =  PS/PS-E  -   Polystyrene/Expanded Polystyrene
            No. 7  =  OTHER  -   Resins or Multi-Materials


What the codes and plastics are used for:







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