There are thousands of people all round the world who have suffered or still are suffering from
Mercury Poisoning due to their Amalgam fillings. Pam Clayton who runs a UK Mercury Helpline has had over 6,000 people contact her in the 7 years since she's been running it and I've lost count of the amount of people who have contacted me.

There are thousands more, who have not been lucky enough to have found Pam or myself or the other amalgam Helplines around the world, and who still search for the true cause of their illness.

These are just a small amount personal stories of sufferers from around the world:



"I was always a fun loving person, worked hard at my jobs and lived life to the full. Then gradually I contracted various illnesses over the years. First it was asthma, then IBS, and then I had weeks of dizzy spells, headaches, numbness/tingling throughout my body and pains in my arms and legs.

I'd always had an excellent memory but that was deteriorating and in the end I was never free of pain in some part of my body. I was forgetting appointments - when I wrote them down my brain would not absorb what I read.  I'd forget what I went into a room for and I'd


be confused looking in the wardrobe at how to match a skirt with a blouse and forgot peopleís names. I can even remember driving to my friends house three miles away and although it was an easy journey undertaken without any problems on previous occasions, I became totally confused and cried my eyes out. My head always felt like I had a hangover, I was finding it difficult to swallow and I couldnít stand sound at all, just wanting to be left alone in the quiet.

Iíd been backwards and forwards to the doctors but tests revealed nothing untoward. My jobs went down from three to two and then one and even then I went home exhausted. Iíd just about manage to prepare my husbandís dinner but even the smell of cooking made me feel ill. My husband didnít recognize that I was so ill, probably because it all happened so gradually over the years. He had no idea of the pain I was suffering as I tried to drag myself to work and back. It got to the stage where my legs kept giving way as if my body was too heavy for them. There were times when I couldnít get out of bed as once my legs touched the floor they would give way, so I was absent from work a lot. The doctors said nothing was wrong so how could I explain why I wasnít going into work? I would come up with the same explanation: flu, upset stomach, etc.

My friends didnít even realize that I was ill as I never spoke about it. Sometimes Iíd forget to meet them for coffee after work so Iíd give the excuse that I had to work late. Once I became so confused as I couldnít find my car keys and even when I did I walked home without the car. The next day I couldnít understand why my car wasnít parked outside the house and found that I had left it in the car park outside where I had met my friends the previous afternoon.

I was always told how different I was, as I didnít go out anymore I became fed up with hearing it and just said that I was content with going to work and relaxing at night. In the end I lost a few friends, as I just didnít want to mix any more as I felt so ill and confused to even hold a conversation with them.

We moved house to enable us to build an annex for Mum. My health became worse and I could hardly move from one chair to another. Sometimes Iíd get a burst of energy for half an hour in the afternoon and I remember being so proud of myself one day managing to empty the bin. Most days Iíd drag myself to work but could hardly stand and then Mum would see me collapsing as I got out of the car. In the end I had to give up work as I felt so desperately ill and couldnít even feel my feet on the car peddles. I had to give up walking round the shops as I picked up chemicals and electricity (unbeknown to me at this time) which mad me feel dizzy and I lost all co-ordination in my legs, etc. It seemed as though the floor beneath me was moving away from my feet.

My short-term memory, by now, was virtually non-existent and trying to swallow became very difficult. I was choking a lot and couldnít get my breath to talk to people with my job, and tears would roll down my face.

It was then I decided to take the alternative route and visited a practitioner about 15 miles away. I wrote down all my symptoms because I knew that there was no way I would remember them all. He explained to me that I had all the symptoms of MS and ME and the start of Alzheimerís disease. I was so relieved that someone at last recognised that I was ill and even more so when all my symptoms had a cause. I was slowly being poisoned as the mercury contained in my amalgam fillings were leaking into my system. Mercury was classed as toxic waste ten years ago and yet they still allow it to be placed into our mouths where it can leak into our bodies. Everyoneís symptoms vary according to where the mercury settles in the body.

My husband took time off work to drive me to a mercury-free dentist, as I was too ill by this time to drive. This dentist had the facilities to remove the metal safely without further mercury vapours entering my system and the fillings that leaked the most were replaced first.

I have spent a fortune so far in an attempt to remove the metal from my body, but it still remains in my throat, brain and right lung. Most days are good ones now but because my immune system is so weak, it only takes exhaust fumes and coming into contact with cadmium, pesticides, mercury, fresh print/man-made fibres, etc. to re-start some of the symptoms so I do my best to stay clear of these in order to keep well. However I will never have the symptoms as severely as before when my body was so toxic as a result of the leaking mercury.

The most upsetting thing is that I was too ill to get to know my grandchildren properly. I would drop off their birthday and Christmas presents without staying. They once saw a stranger in the street and asked their mother if that was me. The oldest is now 12 and I noticed last Christmas that he called me Nan for the first time.

I started up a helpline and find there are many people suffering from various illnesses and finding that the reason behind many of these is the mercury in their dental fillings. Most of us keep in touch and one day perhaps we will all meet up. Some of these people are now managing to walk a few steps after years of being bedridden". 

"Ten years ago I suddenly gained weight, going from fourteen and a half stones (normal weight around the twelve stone mark) and shortly after that my nose began to stream with mucus. I do mean stream - it was as sudden and as intense as though someone had switched on a tap. Life began to get very difficult - I would sneeze 50 to 100 times day, my nose streaming between sneezes.  I became dreadfully fatigued around 4 p.m. staying awake took total concentration.

Perfumes, chemicals caused headaches or dreadful rages and I then became allergic to cigarette smoke, then developed diarrhoea, sometimes explosive diarrhoea and was  constipated in between times, my brain function deteriorated rapidly. In short I became

very ill.

Trial and error led me to wheat allergy, corn allergy, dairy allergy, all sorts of allergies. I eliminated these foodstuffs and felt a bit better. My acupuncturist was not much help, nor my homeopath, nor the doctor (of course) and I researched my situation - I eventually self- diagnosed Candida Albicans infection and fiddled around with the diet and the food supplements and felt a bit better. Then, my friend, John Morley completed a training in Vega-testing and practiced on me, diagnosing antibiotic poisoning and confirming the Candida problem. He also tested me as mercury toxic but failed to tell me for twelve months, which led to a fall- out between us, long since resolved now. He helped me to resolve the antibiotic poisoning and I struggled on with the Candida problem, an assortment of food supplements (Capryllic Acid and acidophilus in various formulations, hydrogen peroxide, which was great but I just couldn't tolerate the nausea it caused, doses of lateral/transient scavenging bacteria were helpful but are now illegal in the U.K., vitamins, minerals, etc.) helped me to, inch by inch, progress to better health.

Finally life led me to Kitty Campion, she helped me to get the diet right guided me onto mega doses of Biocares products and I got there! I cleared my Candida and felt great. I only stayed well for a short while, my Candida came back. I researched some more and found out about mercury - my gut feeling told me this was the problem and I spoke to John Morley who confirmed it. Kitty put me on to a dentist in Manchester who replaced my amalgams and I set about de-toxing the stuff, (colonics, Kitty's herbs, homeopathy etc).

Over the next year later I got somewhat better, but my Candida was not gone and I was still Mercury Toxic. By this time I was helping people with Candida and Mercury and was referring patients to Hesham El-Essawy, 121 Harley St. London W1 and one day a filling fell out and Hesham agreed to see me on an emergency basis. His visual inspection and X-ray revealed four chips of amalgam under my white filling!! I was rage personified - a highly recommended dentist, experienced in amalgam replacement and an anti-amalgam campaigner/practitioner had left FOUR CHIPS OF THIS POISONOUS SH*T IN SITU, and I had wasted twelve months serious detoxing effort. To cut a long story short Hesham sorted out my mouth and I finally cleared my mercury and resolved my Candida, and I am now fairly well. I lack fitness, 8 years of no energy wasted much of my muscle tone, but I've got my life back and no thanks to the medical establishment".


My name is Kevin Steele and I am 43 years old and I began having problems about 10 years ago when I began to get bad headaches and pain around my eyes and in my face, headaches and pain around my eyes and in my face.

The GP told me it was my sinuses and booked me in for an operation to have them drilled and flushed out but it didn't make the slightest difference in my symptoms.

Over the next few years I visited my GP on numerous occasions complaining of headaches, fatigue and a general feeling of unwell only to be told EVERY time that it was due to depression.

Over the years I must have been prescribed many different types of pills including Amatriptalene, Prozac and Sertraline and guess what? None of them made the slightest bit of difference.

Next stop was the neurologist who came up with the idea that my condition was due to tens

ion headaches. Treatment? More antidepressants.

About 2 years ago I started to get a lot of stomach problems and found out through a specialist that I had an hiatus hernia, a couple of ulcers and a disease called diverticulitis. Even the specialist was surprised about this for someone my age.

About 18 months ago my GP referred me to a top Endocrinologist thinking that my symptoms may be due to a thyroid problem but after extensive blood tests ,all of which came back normal, he told me that I had M.E.

I started looking for info about M.E on the Internet and by chance found Pam Clayton's Website. I couldn't believe what I had found. I sent for her book and that's when things really started to happen.

I went to the Richardson Clinic in Heckmondwicke for a Vega test and they found my problem straight away...Mercury toxicity and Candida .

I was so relieved that someone had actually found something after all these years of seeing those so called specialists and coming up with nothing.

Next stop the dentist. I went to see Alan Moffat, a Mercury-free dentist in Sheffield, Yorkshire, who confirmed that my Amalgam fillings where actually causing all the problems. After several visits he replaced my Amalgams and also took out a couple that were root filled with Amalgam. I can recommend this dentist because as well as the Mercury problems he is also clued up about the Candida side of things as well.

I went back to my GP and told him what had been found and he sent a urine sample off for analysis. The result came back within the normal limits so he told me that I definitely did not have a problem with Mercury, even though I took a hair sample analysis result with me which showed that Mercury was indeed present. He then sent me to see a psychologist who, after listening to me and reading all the info I gave him, was very interested in it all saying that dozens of people had been referred to him with this so called M.E and that they couldn't get to the cause of it. At last I had found someone who had listened to me. He was so interested he went for a Vega test himself and was very impressed.

Despite my GP's and other top docs' denial about the problems with mercury I still think that I am on the right track.

At present I am having regular colonic irrigation for the Candida which IS improving .

A recent Vega test showed there is still Mercury in my body and I am currently using cilantro and chlorella plus vitamin and mineral supplements to help draw it out of my system."



"I live in Holland. I year ago I went to a dentist.

I had 17 amalgam fillings in my mouth and thought for a long time that my head problems could be caused by these. My dentist told me amalgam fillings are safe. I had low thyroid function MCS and CFC. One of the symptoms was a low temperature and I could never develop a fever when my body needed it to clear infections

A year ago I went to a dentist who removed my amalgams. Two weeks later I had my first fever since childhood after placing my first amalgams, (my last fever was at age seven,

I am 48 now). I have definitely more energy after removal, a better sleeping pattern, a higher temperature (96.80 before and now 98,06) and feeling less cold all the time. My TSH was too high and is normal now. I feel better but not yet really good. I'm afraid that the high amalgam toxicity for too long has done damage that will not clear up that easy. Mercury is very toxic and I had the fourfold of the normal range in my blood (showed by a blood check up). It's a crime that they tell untrue stories about amalgam's safety, like my dentist told me 23 years ago. Probably too many dentists believe this story. Probably too many people believe that story and do not know their health problems are caused by their amalgams.

Being an M.D. I have been treating lots of patients ill by their amalgam fillings. Mercury vapour, released from the fillings goes to all parts of the body, passes the blood-brain barrier and gets involved in the brain chemistry. The patients show lots of symptoms from all over the body, but mercury, being a nerve poison can of course give neurological symptoms. In the book "Toxicology of Metals", edited by Louis W. Chang, there is a chapter /number 37/ called "Effects of toxic Metals on neuro-transmitters" showing that a toxic metal (mercury) can alter almost everything in neuro-transmission, that is the way the brain directs the bodily functions and thus cause damage. The researchers are Richard Mailman, Michelle Mayleben and Cindy Lawler, all connected to University of North Carolina and Medical School. There is another chapter, number 53 titled Auto-immunity induced by Metals, by Pierluigi E Bigazzi, MD, Department of Pathology, University of Connecticut. Here is shown that mercury can have the potential to provoke auto- immune responses in humans. As an M.D. in general practice for 30 years I have seen many, many patients here in Sweden, whose disease to a great extent has been caused by mercury intoxication. Mercury has many ways of affecting the body's chemistry. One way is to be toxic to different compounds in the cells and enzymes, one is to generate free radicals, which increase oxidation in the body and another one still is to disturb the immune system, causing auto immunity.

I, and several of my patients, have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS.) and many of us have improved dramatically in health and symptoms after having had our amalgam fillings taken out with extreme caution and pre-medications with antioxidants and in some cases Vitamin C infusions and cortisone for a period of 1-3 weeks. I have also seen patients with psoriasis (another auto immune disease) improve and, in some cases, get completely well after removal of fillings, the same with eczema.

I have now been living as a symptom-free "MS.-patient" for the last 12 years. My amalgams were removed 1990-1991, one of the best things I have done to improve on my health ever".


"My dentist, having been informed by the American Dental Association that mercury containing amalgams were safe,  presenting no harm to the patient, placed a high copper "NOGAMA 2" amalgam into a large cavity which had formed under an old amalgam filling.  Seven days later I was struck with double vision, and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and later with Myasthenia Gravis after my eyelids started to droop. It was through my own research and further testing that I found these symptoms & others were as a result of being poisoned by mercury from amalgams.

Blood studies also revealed auto-immune disease, high rheumatoid factor, high liver enzymes and high levels of mercury in my urine, all symptomatic of mercury toxicity. My immune system had been compromised by chronic exposure to mercury through the years due to amalgam fillings........that last filling threw my body over the edge with an acute toxic reaction.

As proved by Dr. Patrick Stortebecker, an astute Swedish neurologist, toxins and infection from a tooth pulp can travel through the cranial venous system to the trigeminal nerve and ocular branches causing a blockage of the neuro-transmitter receptor, in this case, acetylcholine. It is a well known fact that the result is a neuromuscular blockage, labelled Myasthenia Gravis. Simply, that is how mercury from amalgams caused my double vision and ptosis.

Following the initial symptoms, I lost my equilibrium, developed other neurological symptoms, Reynaud's syndrome, low body temperature, and swollen glands. For many years I had other symptoms such as severe depression, short term memory loss, joint inflammation, skin rashes and muscle pain. Within a short time after having my amalgam fillings removed, muscle pain in my neck and shoulders was relieved and the skin rashes I had had on my legs for three years disappeared. The drooping eyelids reversed after a year and a half, however I am still afflicted with perhaps permanent damage to the cranial nerves and mercury in my brain and tissues.

In addition, my children, who were breastfed, were also exposed to mercury from my dental fillings. My son who still has amalgam fillings has high levels of mercury in his saliva and an acute sinus condition. Not only have I had to suffer, but my children, parents and loved ones. Since becoming ill in March'98, I have communicated with hundreds of people who have been severely effected by mercury from amalgams, I have received support from and worked with the organization DAMS, (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), to educate the public about the toxicity from amalgams".




"In July of 2001, on the first night of my vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the side of my tooth broke off. It was very rough against my tongue. I wanted to stay in Tennessee the whole week to attend a Norvel Hayes convention, so I asked a local dentist to put some kind of patch on my tooth to last until I returned to Virginia to see my regular dentist. Immediately after he patched the tooth, I started tasting metal in my mouth.

On August 8th, I saw my regular dentist, who said he did not know why I tasted metal. He drilled, and drilled, and drilled into the "silver" filling in order to resize the tooth for its new crown. I didn't know that this "silver" filling contained 50% mercury,

and I didn't know that mercury vapours were released when a dentist drills into it. Neither did I know that when you breathe these vapours that the vapours can enter your brain. He did not use anything to protect me from the mercury vapours. (Your dentist probably doesn't protect you either.) My dentist put on the temporary crown and I went home.

On August 13th, I felt like something moved inside my brain. It did not hurt. It just felt like something was up on the left side tumbling around and sort of tickling my head. It was weird, but I just put it out of my mind.

On August 16th, just before bedtime, I felt a little small circle at the top of my head begin to burn. My scalp was sore to the touch and it tingled all over. I had a slight headache.

On August 17th, I woke up to my whole brain feeling like it was on fire! My brain was jumping inside my skull and my head was throbbing. I started feeling electrical charges surge up and down my body from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I went to my internal medicine doctor that day, but she had no idea why my brain was burning or why the lymph nodes were swollen in my neck.

I started doing research on the Internet about food additives such as MSG (monosodium glutamate) and aspartame. At first I started avoiding MSG, because I was becoming allergic to a lot of food I could normally eat, such as breads, milk, vinegar, mayonnaise, and spices. My head would throb when I ate the wrong food. When I ate vinegar, a big lump would come out on the side of my head that would burn and ache at the site of that lump. I would cry because of the pain. Sometimes the lump would be at the base of my neck near the brain stem. At other times it would be in a different location on my head. I finally learned to avoid the vinegar.

I was also getting chemically sensitive to perfumes, hairspray, car exhaust, gasoline fumes, smells from tires in the tire store and asphalt paving. It was horrible trying to go to the small church where the ventilation was not very good and everyone in the church wore a different "smell."

My muscles started aching in my back. I had chronic fatigue. My collarbone hurt, and my nose was so sore I could not stand to put on a pair of glasses. I started getting floaters in front of my eyes and my eyelids were twitching. My ears started ringing. I had increased tingling in my hands and feet. I started keeping a journal of all my symptoms, what foods I ate, and what I was allergic to. I started writing down dates of my all my doctors' appointments.

I saw two internal medicine doctors, two eye doctors, and one chiropractor who was going to test me for mercury toxicity but later dismissed me because he thought my case was too complicated for him. I saw a neurologist who said that "burning of the brain" was not a symptom of multiple sclerosis. I saw a doctor of osteopathy. A couple of these doctors wanted me to go to a psychiatrist when I mentioned that I had felt something "invade" my brain. I should never have used the word "invaded."

On August 25th I stayed up all night. I could not sleep because of the taste of metal in my mouth, and I felt nauseated. I called my dentist early Sunday morning and told him I thought I had been mercury poisoned. I called the emergency room to see if they could do a mercury test on me. They asked why I wanted a mercury test, and I told them I thought I had been poisoned by mercury from my dental fillings. They told me that dental fillings could not poison me, and that they did not do testing for it.

A few days later, I let my dentist put the permanent crown on my tooth. I had not done a mercury test, did not really know anything about mercury, and didn't know what else to do. By this time the metal taste was gone.

The dentist told me in his office that mercury was safe, and that we breathed more mercury in the air than what was in mercury fillings. He told me nothing about mercury vapour coming from those fillings when a dentist drills into it.

My health continued to go downhill. I was very dizzy, disoriented, and confused and things did not "look real" to me. I could hardly remember anything. I wandered around from room to room, not remembering why I was in the room. I lost my car in parking lots because I could not remember to look at the number of the row where I parked when I got out of my car. I could not remember to buy the things on my lists when I went into town. I would have to list every stop to make, and then I would forget to do what was on my list. I could not concentrate or get anything accomplished. I was just so tired. I felt like my whole body had just been shut down. Every afternoon by 2 PM I had to go to bed and lie on a heating pad for hours at a time.

I started having emotional problems and was very angry. One Sunday morning I woke my husband up at 1 AM and screamed at him for an hour. I begged him to help me figure out what to do. I had started reading a book by Dr. Hal Huggins called It's All In Your Head, about the dangers of amalgam mercury fillings. My husband would not read very much of the information I found, and was just ridiculing my symptoms. He said I was just reading Quacks. I was begging him to help me, because I was so confused I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do next. I had forgotten to have the mercury test run by another physician after the chiropractor had dismissed me. Actually, I didn't know what kind of doctor could test me for mercury, and I had wasted a whole month without having it done. If my legs were broken I would have known what to do. But when the brain in affected, you can't function enough to figure out what to do.

That Sunday morning, I went to church and told my friend Susan that I was so confused that I had to have help, because I didn't know what to do next. I told her that my husband was not helping me figure it out. I was so upset that I got down on the floor and started bawling. The pastor had the women take me in a back room and pray for me. They told me a "spirit of fear" was attacking me. I knew about the spirit of fear. I had often taught about it in my Bible studies at the city jail. They were right. I realized that I had been thinking irrational thoughts, like my husband was going to put me in a mental institution. My husband doesn't even believe in psychiatrists, so that thought made no sense whatsoever.

At the end of the service, I was in the back of the church talking to the pastor and his wife. I mentioned something about mercury to them and the pastor started to say something about "imagining things in our minds." Then my husband spoke up and said, "I was just imagining all this." I let him have it! I stood in the back of the church yelling at him in front of the pastor and his wife while the congregation was leaving! And we were supposed to be ministers! That is another symptom of mercury toxicity - rage.

At other times, if my husband would dare to disagree with me, I would pick up a ceramic flower pot off of the table and throw it at him or hit him with a lamp. We kept my husband's 83 year old mother in our home and I was her caretaker. When I threw the flower pot at my husband and it came crashing to the floor, she cried and said, "I can't live like this."

I finally heard from a friend about an alternative doctor two hours from my home and made an appointment to go see him. I knew about this clinic because I had seen it on the Internet. I tried calling the number, but could not remember to use the area code, so the number did not go through. The clinic was located in Troutdale which would make it a long distance number for me to call. However, I kept confusing the word TROUTDALE with the word TROUTVILLE, which is near my home, and TROUTVILLE would NOT need an area code. Then finally one day my foggy head cleared up enough so that I was able to make the distinction between the two places. So then I used the area code, and the call went through.

The day before my appointment at this clinic, I tried to get prepared. But I could not get my paper work, my tests, lab work and such together without loosing the papers. I would put the papers on my desk right in front of my nose and I would still loose them! I was loosing my glasses every 5 minutes. I finally punched holes in my paperwork and stuck it in a notebook and I tied my glasses around my neck with an eyeglass cord. I struggled to put the papers in chronological order and even though I was a former schoolteacher, I had great difficulty in spelling that day.

I needed to do my laundry in the basement before going to this appointment. I also needed to do chores upstairs. So I handed my mother-in-law a list of things for me to do when I returned from doing the laundry in the basement. I said, "Grandma, please give me this list when I come back upstairs." If I had laid the list on the kitchen table I would not have been able to find it!

The alternative doctor did a heavy metals test on me but the mercury did not show up at a toxic level. (I hear that this is fairly common.) But high levels of thallium and aluminium did show up. He DID think my symptoms were caused by mercury, especially after I was able to put the dates together concerning my visits to the dentist and the symptoms appearing shortly after my visit. It took me a couple months to put all those dates together because of the confusion in my brain. He gave me a prescription for natural hormones that helped me to begin thinking better. He gave me supplement packets that contained vitamins and minerals, fish oil, primrose oil, and probiotics that would put good bacteria in my stomach and build up my immune system. Since mercury disrupts the enzymes in the GI tract, he gave me an amino acid dietary supplement powder containing glutamine and other bowel flora. He gave me a prescription of anti fungal medication because mercury causes an overgrowth of yeast in the body.

I am better able to function now. My thinking is better, as long as I take my hormones. Mercury attacks the endocrine system, so it messes up your hormones and thyroid. According to my doctor thyroid tests are not even accurate when you have been exposed to mercury. Test results can all be normal, therefore traditional doctors will do nothing to help you. They either do not believe that you can be poisoned from dental fillings, or that it just happens to sensitive people.

After much prayer and research, I finally found a good biological dentist who took the mercury out of ten teeth. He replaced my fillings and crowns with dental materials that were shown by a Dental Compatibility test to be compatible with my body and not cause an allergic reaction. This dentist told me he had seen other people in his office with mercury in their brains. I had to drive four hours each way for my dental revision. A family member always went with me to my appointments because I was too physically and mentally exhausted after a day of drilling to drive myself home.

When my general dentist put the crown on the tooth, he placed it over top of a mercury filling that he had only partially removed. When my biological dentist removed the crown and the mercury filling under it, he told me there was decay underneath the mercury filling. My biological dentist told me that a crown should never be placed over a mercury filling. That is why I was up all night tasting metal and sick on my stomach. The combination of metals (probably nickel) in the inferior grade of the porcelain crown was interacting with the mercury that the general dentist left in the tooth. It caused a chemical and electrical reaction that made the tooth start decaying very fast. Thus large amounts of mercury started being released from the mercury filling underneath, and caused me to feel very sick.

It is now over one year later and I am still in the process of going through detoxification, known as chelation (key lay' shun), with low doses of the prescription drug called DMSA. It is made especially for me by a compounding pharmacist. It grabs hold of the mercury in my brain and pulls or chelates it out of my body's tissues and into my urine. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom because when mercury is leaving your body your frequency of urination is very much increased. I can feel the DMSA "pulling" in my brain. I also felt it pulling the mercury out of my eyes. That was the reason that I had all those floaters. I do not know how long it will take for all the mercury to leave my body


"My health problems started when I was a child. All of this began after I had mercury fillings placed in all of my molars between the ages of six and ten years old. I had emotional problems and lacked focus and concentration. My mental and physical problems continued to grow over the years.

Then, between the years 1998 and 2001, I almost died from the methyl-mercury vapours created from the mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth - which intensified very rapidly with the heat and radiation against my head from my cellular phone.

My symptoms were many. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety, Chronic Sinusitis, Grave's disease, thyroid eye disease, a solid mass thyroid nodule, a breast lump, 'diffuse sensory-motor polyneuropathy', 'ischemic osteoporosis with desiccated tissue and no sign of malignancy', depression and panic disorder.

After going around in circles to about fifteen different doctors on my medical network insurance plan, I prayed. I was about to die. My doctors on my insurance plan told me they didn't know what to do. I knew I wouldn't live much longer if I didn't find someone to help me. By an answered prayer, I was led to some doctors who saved my life. If I had not found them, I would have died. ...

There is probably no other doctor in the entire world like the doctor who saved my life. He was awarded in 1995 the 'Twentieth Century Achievement Award' by the Board of Directors of the American Biological Institute in Washington D.C. This award honoured him as the Top of the 500 Most Influential Leaders of the Twentieth Century. This is on display in the U.S. Library of Congress. He has also received many other awards internationally. He was able to detect the source of my problems and save my life.

During these two years, I eventually lost my job due to not being able to work. I had three surgeries in my jaws and was able to get some much needed rest to help my body heal from all this. After losing my job, I got to the point financially where I could no longer pay insurance premiums. I no longer have health insurance due to this.

I must have survived this for a reason. It is my duty to report what happened to me and warn you about the dangers so that hopefully it won't happen to you or someone you love.

There is a lot of talk about blaming the fish for our mercury toxicity. Since mercury levels are high in fish we need to definitely eliminate mercury from our lakes, streams and oceans. Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege of eating fish every week. I eat fish about twice a year. The mercury in my body came from my mercury amalgam fillings. Mercury amalgam does eventually end up in our lakes, streams, and oceans - which the poor fish have to take into their bodies. We then take in more mercury when we eat the fish.. It is a vicious cycle.

To share my experience of how I was able to get the toxic element mercury out of my body.....

I found a very good dentist who has a tool called 'Cavitat Imaging'. He works with a doctor, Dr. Dawn Ewing, who was able to detect the cavities in my jaws underneath those mercury fillings with Cavitat Imaging. I had three cavities in my jaws. One of the cavitations was underneath my root canal tooth and it was causing all kinds of lightening like pains up into my head and eyes. My dentist, Dr. William Glaros and Dr. Dawn Ewing were the first to help me and they were able to find someone who could refer me in to see my Homeopathic Medical Doctor.

The main doctor who saved my life was my Homeopathic Medical Doctor. Not only did he chelate my body of silver mercury amalgam - but radiation as well. I had so much radiation damage from my cellular phone - as well as from the ionizing radiation from the radioactive iodine scan that I had. I would have died had I not found a doctor who could help me with this.

The medicines that he prepares are highly individualized. The strength that worked for me may not work for anyone else. He finds the strength and other ingredients that you will need so that it doesn't cause a problem somewhere else in your body.

When he started chelating my body of silver mercury amalgam, I could feel globs of it leaving my head and going down my neck - on both sides. I'm sure it was the fat tissue that methyl-mercury vapors had deposited itself in. He explained to me that since it was in my brain, IV Chelation would have hurt me.

When he reversed the non-ionizing radiation from my cellular phone, I no longer had to take Xanax during the day to breathe. When he reversed the ionizing radiation from the radioactive iodine scan, I could tell the radiation was very deep within me and I felt cold for a few days and needed to take it easy. But when it was done, and it only took a couple of days, I felt so....much..... better. I had radiation treatment as a teenager for my complexion when my face broke out after they put metal braces on my teeth. I had a mouth full of silver mercury fillings at the time. I had been living with radiation and mercury amalgam damage for many years and now that all the radiation and mercury amalgam has been reversed and chelated, I feel better than I have since I can remember.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had more doctors and dentists who knew how to do all this?

All of us are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF's) every day - especially those who use cellular phones a lot. Computers also emit EMF's that are not good for us. I have a laptop now because laptops do not emit EMF's.

I also used a lot of high quality, non-contaminated Vitamin C, Garlic and Omega 3 Fatty Acids with high bioavailability while I was going through this chelation. I feel much better; however, I still have constant burning pain in my legs and feet. I have pain in my ears and the back of my head. At least it's not all over my head anymore. I take Neurontin for all his. My H.M.D. tells me that this pain is still due to mercury in my central and peripheral nervous system. We are still working and going deeper with the strength of his medicine to chelate this out of my body




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