On 13th December 1996 I became ill after going to the dentist and having 6 amalgam fillings and a crown fitted. Although I had Amalgam fillings already, the amount of Mercury vapour escaping into my body on a daily basis was not enough to cause me to be ill. But when I had those last 6 fillings my body became overloaded with Mercury and I became ill within hours of returning home. What made it far worse was the fact that I also had a crown fitted, a crown which had numerous metals inside and those metals together with the Mercury and other metals in my fillings caused a galvanic reaction in my mouth as well as the fact that other metals cause the mercury to leak from the fillings at a quicker rate.

On my journey home I had a metallic taste in my mouth and my mouth kept filling with excess saliva. I felt sick and genuinely unwell. Within the next few hours my body became covered with unsightly weals, some as big as tea plates. My hands and feet were very red, hot and itchy. My GP visited me at home and I was given antihistamine tablets. The weals disappeared but only to be replaced by pain in the joints of my fingers and at the base of my spine. I went to bed but woke in the middle of the night and could not move. My whole body was swollen and I was in extreme pain. I tried to move but couldn't. I was paralysed. I was rushed to hospital where I was seen over the next 24 hours by many doctors and consultants. I had x-rays, blood tests, scans...every test there was, I had, but nobody could find out what was wrong with me. I was a complete mystery to them. The only part of my body I could move without it hurting were my eyelids. It was becoming very hard to speak, drink and eat. I could not swallow properly. I had to blink my eyelids to answer YES or NO to questions. I was given anti-inflammatory drugs as a lot of my symptoms were the same as those of Rheumatoid Arthritis and after a while the symptoms began to subside and they eventually disappeared. Once the pains and swellings had gone the weals appeared once again. At the hospital they asked me for any family history of illness and I told them about my mother having M.S. I started to think that maybe this was the start of my having it too. It was very frightening. When they couldn't come up with any real answer as to what was wrong with me I was sent home from the hospital clutching a bottle of anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines and told there was nothing else they could do as they could not find the cause of the symptoms. Over the next few weeks I took the drugs and sat at home not knowing what to do. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even walk. Some days were better than others. No two days were the same. One day I could walk, the next I was unable to move from one room to another, then the following day I'd be walking again, even running, then back to not being able to walk on the fourth day, the symptoms were very strange indeed.

The most unusual of my symptoms was that I was not able to stay close to electrical appliances for very long. It was so BIZARRE!! But as soon as I switched my washing machine on, the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer etc. my tongue and gums would swell and my mouth would fill with excess saliva, to such an extent that I would be almost choking on it.

On my "good days" I set out for my local library and searched through every medical book I could find, hoping to find a name for my "illness". But I always came back with nothing. A few times I came across the symptoms of Mercury Poisoning but that seemed to be so very rare I did not think for one minute that was what I had. I knew that Amalgam was made up with Mercury but not exactly how much Mercury. Even so, it had to be safe...they wouldn't use it otherwise!!! After a couple of weeks I began to wonder about that. After all, I had been perfectly healthy until I had gone to my dentist on that awful day I had fallen ill. I spoke to my dentist but he said that Amalgam was SAFE. I spoke to my GP who wrote to a dental hospital and he received a letter in return stating that Amalgam was SAFE. BUT I WAS NOT CONVINCED.

I had to go back to hospital to have another test. Due to my stomach problems I needed to have a camera put down my throat into my stomach to see if anything "nasty" was going on. Thankfully it wasn't, but I spoke to one of the doctors and he asked me how I became ill and what all my symptoms were. I told him the whole story and he said that he felt it may be something to do with my teeth (something which I had felt from the start) and he mentioned Mercury Poisoning. I had a blood test but it was Negative. But I still felt sure that was the right road to follow.

Luckily, just a few months later I read an article in a Sunday magazine about a lady in Northamptonshire, UK who had been ill with unexplained symptoms for over 20 years, but doctors could not put a name to what was wrong with her...so therefore said it was "all in her head". She had all the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, M.E. and many other diseases which we all know of. But when she eventually saw an alternative therapist he carried out many tests on her and it was found that her body was overloaded with Mercury and that her symptoms were in fact the symptoms of Mercury Poisoning. He tested her fillings and found that they were leaking. The article listed her symptoms and when I read them, THEY WERE A MIRROR OR MY OWN SYMPTOMS, even down to the most bizarre symptom, not being able to use electrical appliances!!!! It stated that the reason for that was because the Mercury reacted with the electricity causing a battery affect in the mouth which caused the swelling of the tongue and gums and the saliva glands to go into overdrive and produce excess saliva. I WAS CERTAIN THAT I HAD FOUND THE ANSWER.

I contacted that lady, Pam Clayton, and she sent me all the information she had. She told me that a blood test for Mercury Poisoning was no good as Mercury sticks to the tissues in the body, it does not circulate, that is why my blood test probably came back negative. I asked my GP to send me for a different type of test and he sent me to the Royal London Dental Hospital in Whitechapel, London, and I saw a professor who carried out a patch test. THE TEST PROVED POSITIVE FOR MERCURY as well as Palladium, copper and tin.





Now that I knew what was wrong with me I was able to set about getting myself well. All the information I needed I got from Pam Clayton. Pam Clayton recovered from her Mercury Poisoning by having her Amalgam fillings removed and replaced with white composite fillings and she now runs a Helpline for people who are suffering in the same way. She provided me with all the information which I needed.


For those who don't know, Dr. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, is the world's leading pioneer when it comes to mercury free dentistry. Hal has been practising dentistry in the USA for over 40 years and has written many books on the dangers of amalgam fillings.

Hal also devised a 'safe' protocol for the removal and replacement of amalgam mercury fillings, a protocol which many leading dentists in the UK follow.

My friend Pam Clayton and I had the pleasure of meeting Hal when we attended a talk he was giving at a clinic in Harley Street, London on 10th October 2005 during one of his rate visits to the UK.




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